On the road to work in Kenya

capentry and joinery program.jpeg

Unemployment amongst young people in Kenya is high. Companies and organizations are seeking staff, but unfortunately with the knowledge and skills that young job-seekers  do not possess. In particular poor  vulnerable young people often have not completed  basic training, let alone a follow-up program. In rural  areas  especially,  there are few opportunities for training and in Western Kenya primary education lags behind the rest of the country.

Oriang Parish has been providing vocational training to disadvantaged people from rural  villages in the Kadongo area, some 65 km from Kisumu, in Western Kenya since 1990. Dozens of pupils have already experienced  success in finding  a job after training with Oriang Parish. Often it concerns  youth , many times with a disability, who wish to learn a trade though have been unable to complete their education due to poverty. The majority of boys and girls are aged between 14 and 18, come from disadvantaged families, and are raised as orphans and cared for by family or church organizations.

Oriang Parish offers training in clothes  making, woodworking, and construction. Additionally, all students receive computer lessons. Sales of manufactured products such as curtains, tablecloths and school and business uniforms provide the organization with income. The sale of  fruit and vegetables from their own school garden supplement  this.

Auto mechanic and electrician training are currently under development while the premises for these are ready with 60 applicants  eagerly waiting to start on their path to employment. There aren’t enough tools for the pupils, therefore tools  are needed  for both current and new courses.

We can support Oriang Parish training with the following tools:
1 electrician set for 20 student
1 auto mechanic set for 20 students
1 carpentry set for 20 students
20 electric sewing machines
20 computers
1 welding machine
1 laser printer
5 training material sets per discipline

The total project, including transport to Mombassa, costs €9.650. Oraing Parish will pay for the clearing of the goods and the local transport in Kenya.

Gerda Van R